Front, Rear or All Wheel Drive?

Driving in dangerous conditions or tough terrains is not fun but you can have a hassle free drive with 4WD system.  With this system, you will have options whether it will be on the front, rear or on all the 4 tires. The determinants are the kinds of conditions you drive in and the kind of driver you are.

Front-Wheel Drive

In the car market today, this is the most common system for various reasons. The manufacturers prefer it since it is easier and cheaper to design while car owners prefer it as they are assured of better gas mileage. Other advantages are such as:

  • Front-wheel drive is less complex
  • Guaranteed good traction due to the fact that the weight of the transmission and the engine are over the wheels

Rear-Wheel Drive

This is another option when looking for a wheel-drive vehicle. You have option in terms of engine placement as it could be at the front, middle or at the back. Due to the many benefits of rear-wheel drive system, most executive vehicles and sports cars utilize this system…

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