Various Ways to Modify Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

The opportunities to modify your 4 wheel drive vehicle are many. For example my local Gold Coast auto electrician helped me install a pimping stereo system. You can also do more advanced modifications such as large lift kit, chassis extensions, huge tires and portal axles among many others.

The most important thing while doing this is to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that making some modifications is not illegal in your area. An employee at a car wash once told me how a newly raised 4WD got stuck in their self serve, drive-in car wash. The driver didn’t realise how high their vehicle was after raising it!

As long as you take precautions you will be fine. Also the good thing about this is there are many ways to modify 4-wheel drive vehicles to make them look and perform better.

  • Better Tires

One effective modification that you can make to your 4-wheel drive vehicle is getting tires with light truck construction. They are perfect for remote-area travel, they operate at high pressures, they have a good tread pattern, they carry …

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