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Four-wheel drive vehicles are known to be strong and perfect for muddy and rough terrains. What happens when the four-wheel drive is engaged is that both the rear and front driveshafts are locked together. This gives the vehicle extra power to maneuver a rough area especially when its muddy or wet. This extra power is provided by the two or more axles in the vehicle.

·         There is a Difference Between All-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

This is one thing that many people confuse. While the four-wheel drive vehicles do not have a differential between its rear and front drive shafts and instead consists of a transfer case, the all-wheel-drive vehicles have this differential. Basically, it means that these drivetrain systems are different. A vehicle is maybe four-wheel but not all-wheel drive.

·         They are Perfect when There is no Traction

Areas that have snow or off-road terrains are just some of the areas where there is low traction. This makes it difficult for the vehicle to move smoothly and this is a dangerous situation. It could lead to accidents or even the car gets stuck. Once the four-wheel drivetrain system is engaged, it will be easier for the vehicle to get through the situation.

·         The Four-Wheel Drivetrain System is either manual or automatic

Not every vehicle engages the system automatically since in some, you have to turn it on manually. The advantage of using the manual ones is that you only turn it on when you need it and this improves fuel efficiency. However, the automatic one will turn itself on when any tire will have difficulties moving and it will turn itself off when the vehicle has passed through the situation.

·         They Require More Maintenance

Four-wheel drive vehicles require more maintenance than even the two-wheel ones. This is because they come with extra parts such as transfer case and differentials. Hard driving may see the damage to the chassis and sagging springs. Due to the extra maintenance that these vehicles require, it’s advisable that they are assessed from time to time. A manufacturer’s manual will offer good guidance on the same.

If you are used to going off-road or your area experiences a lot of snow, it’s important that you consider investing in a four-wheel drive vehicle. When the roads are slippery, these are the best vehicles to use since they offer more traction. The good thing is that there are no limits to the number of makes and models that you can choose from.