Various Ways to Modify Your 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle

The opportunities to modify your 4 wheel drive vehicle are many. For example my local Gold Coast auto electrician helped me install a pimping stereo system. You can also do more advanced modifications such as large lift kit, chassis extensions, huge tires and portal axles among many others.

The most important thing while doing this is to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that making some modifications is not illegal in your area. An employee at a car wash once told me how a newly raised 4WD got stuck in their self serve, drive-in car wash. The driver didn’t realise how high their vehicle was after raising it!

As long as you take precautions you will be fine. Also the good thing about this is there are many ways to modify 4-wheel drive vehicles to make them look and perform better.

  • Better Tires

One effective modification that you can make to your 4-wheel drive vehicle is getting tires with light truck construction. They are perfect for remote-area travel, they operate at high pressures, they have a good tread pattern, they carry …

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Things you need to Know about Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Four-wheel drive vehicles are known to be strong and perfect for muddy and rough terrains. What happens when the four-wheel drive is engaged is that both the rear and front driveshafts are locked together. This gives the vehicle extra power to maneuver a rough area especially when its muddy or wet. This extra power is provided by the two or more axles in the vehicle.

·         There is a Difference Between All-Wheel and Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

This is one thing that many people confuse. While the four-wheel drive vehicles do not have a differential between its rear and front drive shafts and instead consists of a transfer case, the all-wheel-drive vehicles have this differential. Basically, it means that these drivetrain systems are different. A vehicle is maybe four-wheel but not all-wheel drive.

·         They are Perfect when There is no Traction

Areas that have snow or off-road terrains are just some of the areas where there is low traction. This makes it difficult for the vehicle to move smoothly and this is a dangerous situation. It could lead to accidents or even …

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How to Get Rid of Your Old 4WD

Even when you buy an expensive 4WD and it serves you well, eventually, it comes that time it will show its age. Selling an old four wheel drive to an individual is not always easy because a buyer will consider many things before they can give you the money. The good thing is that even when it is old, you can still make money out of it.

Sometimes the car has been repaired several times but it does not seem to get back to its old form. Probably it has been in the driveway for weeks, months or even years. It is no longer drivable and no one will buy it unless it has a specific part they are looking for. Even then they only want to pick at it for parts and you are left with the rest.

When this is the case, you can work with a car removal company such as Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal. With their cash for cars service, you can turn any old scrap or junk vehicle into much-needed money.

Why Sell

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Great 4WD Tires to Choose From

When you are an off-load enthusiast, you want a strong machine, a vehicle that will not have you call for roadside assistance after getting stuck. Besides having a strong 4WD vehicle, having a good set of tires is of great significance. All-terrain tires are highly recommended as whether you are on a town road on muddy grass, you know you will drive through.

BF Goodrich Mud Terrain Tire

This is one of the best options for your off-road vehicle. When driving on rocks, the tires are able to resist cuts due to the 3-ply construction and aggressive sidewall lugs. It’s also easy for the tires to adapt to different terrains with the linear flex zones.

Other features that make the BF Goodrich mud terrain tires great for 4WDs is that you will drive with less noise, they have durable bead construction, stronger sidewall cords and dual-compound tread among others.

Michelin LTX All Terrain 2

These tires are highly recommended for a great off-road experience. Whether you are driving through wet grass, mud, ice or snow, you will experience a quick …

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Maintenance of 4WD

Considering that there are front, rear, all-wheel drive and 4WD vehicles, it’s of paramount importance that you consider the maintenance prior to the purchase. When it comes to maintenance it depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. The cars that you are considering purchasing could all be four-wheel drives but it’s important that you consider basic maintenance requirements. This will guide you on how to take better care of the vehicle.

Different Types of Maintenance

With four-wheel drive vehicles, there are different types of maintenance required. They are such as rear differentials, self-leveling systems, front differentials and locking hubs. The service intervals may vary widely while at the same time fluids should be inspected and replaced regularly. The best way to know the requirements is to refer to the owner’s manual.

What Determines the Maintenance of a 4WD?

There are several things that determine how often a four-wheel drive vehicle is serviced. The conditions that you drive the vehicle on plays a big role in determining what kind of care the vehicle needs. A vehicle that is driven on smooth road will …

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Front, Rear or All Wheel Drive?

Driving in dangerous conditions or tough terrains is not fun but you can have a hassle free drive with 4WD system.  With this system, you will have options whether it will be on the front, rear or on all the 4 tires. The determinants are the kinds of conditions you drive in and the kind of driver you are.

Front-Wheel Drive

In the car market today, this is the most common system for various reasons. The manufacturers prefer it since it is easier and cheaper to design while car owners prefer it as they are assured of better gas mileage. Other advantages are such as:

  • Front-wheel drive is less complex
  • Guaranteed good traction due to the fact that the weight of the transmission and the engine are over the wheels

Rear-Wheel Drive

This is another option when looking for a wheel-drive vehicle. You have option in terms of engine placement as it could be at the front, middle or at the back. Due to the many benefits of rear-wheel drive system, most executive vehicles and sports cars utilize this system…

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Reasons you Need a Four Wheel Drive Vehicle

When a driver loses grip in slippery conditions, this is one of the worst nightmares. No one wants to experience the scare that comes with it. If you live in areas with extreme weather conditions, you can relate to this and this is one of the reasons, all-wheel drive vehicles were introduced. With an all-wheel drive vehicle whether it is full or part time, you know that your car will be stable even in slippery surfaces.

Types of 4WD

There are two main types of 4WDs. This includes permanent and part-4WDs. For full-time 4WD vehicles, they do not have two-wheel drive system. It means you only have the permanent 4WD option only. For the part-time 4WD, they come with either a button or a lever. In most cases they are in the 2WD system but the driver can shift to 4WD and vice versa.

Benefits of Full-Time 4WD Vehicles

There are many reasons why these types of cars have become popular. It’s easy to drive on any terrain at any time.

  • No lever shifting: – When the vehicle is not
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Best Vehicles Available for Off-Road Fun

When off-road and cars come to mind, all you can think about is a tough car on the road. The good thing is that there are many of them you can choose from in the market with some of them being of specialized designs. They are designed to ensure that they will not only be tough on a dirt road, but they are great off loaders.

Toyota 4Runner

Toyota is a model that is known for its reliability and when you are looking for an off loader, this is one of the best SUVs. What makes it perfect for an off-load trip is the fact that it has a multi-terrain select system making it possible to maneuver on varying terrains. Features such as the downhill assist control, hill-start assist control and crawl control have contributed to Toyota 4Runner being in the list of reliable off-load SUVs.

Jeep Gladiator

This is a gem! This four-door convertible pickup truck is one kind of its own. It’s the only such model in the market today with its design, heated seats option, lightweight aluminum …

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